The Beehive – Instructor Manual (45 Min.)

Thanks to Brian from Kenya who helped create this manual.


This session is an introduction to the Beehive. It includes becoming familiar with the content on the Beehive and how to register for access local and global information on the Beehive.

The Kenya Beehive ( is a community website that gives users access to best-practice information and localized resources on relevant topics.

Topic areas include:
  • Financial Management
  • Health
  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Agriculture
  • Government
The content is divided into three layers:
  • Global content that is relevant everywhere.
  • National content that is relevant for your country.
  • Local content that is relevant for your community.

Presentation of Beehive Content

20 Minutes

The Center Manager shows several layers of content (Global, National, and Local).

Global content examples include:

National content examples include:

Guide to Starting a Business in Kenya:

Local content examples include:

Kagwa Self Help Women's Organization:

Please show these pages (and others that you find relevant) to give users some examples of the Kenya Beehive content.

User Registration on Kenya Beehive and Comments on Beehive Content

20 Minutes

Ask users to register for the Kenya Beehive:

Ask them to browse through the content on their own.

Are there other types of information that they need?  You can check if information is already on the site by typing search terms into the "Search box" in the top, right-hand corner of the website.

Ask the users to comment on certain articles.  Users should feel free to express their opinions about certain topics that interest them.

If there is content that is missing, ask users to post this on the Beehive or to send an email to Jason Gannett ( and Joyce Mwaura (  We continually update the content on the site to make it more relevant to our users, but we cannot change content or add new topics unless we know what is missing.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.